‘I know a place called Witney’

‘I know a place called Witney’

We had decided to retire and move from London. My husband needed to be near Oxford and I said ‘I know a place called Witney’

To this day, over fifty years on, I am unsure of where my very first teaching practice was. I do, however have three vivid memories of this experience. I was placed in a class with 7-8 year olds and every Friday the teacher would allow the children free time. In the class there was a very dynamic little girl who loved putting on shows. She would direct all singing, all dancing musical shows with a credible story line the involved most of the class. Amazing. Whatever happened to her, I wonder. Perhaps she is a famous director? One day we walked the entire class to St Mary’s Church on the green to do some brass rubbings. I remember walking down a hill (Tower Hill?) and, probably along Corn Street before turning onto the green.

The third and last experience was having fun organising racing competitions. The Head was not amused as competition was not be be encouraged. I have never forgotten!

We moved to Witney 15 years ago – I really must find that school and look out for brasses in the church. Living here continues to be one big adventure. I love it!


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